This page contains resources related to small, adaptable buildings in the area of Design grouped by topics: Townhouse, Rowhouse, Shophouse, and Brownstone.  Suggestions welcome!

Design > Townhouse

  • E-Publication: Timo Hamalainen, “Why Townhouses? A Comparative Study of Emerging Housing Concepts in Helsinki & Stockholm” masters thesis (Vrije Universiteit Brussel Department of European Urban Cultures 2013).
  • Print: Marcus Binney, Town Houses: Evolution and Innovation in 800 Years of Urban Domestic Architecture (Mitchell Beazley 1998) 176 pages.
  • Print: Marcus Binney, Town Houses: Urban Houses from 1200 to the Present Day (Watson-Guptill 1998) 176 pages.
  • Print: Charles Broto, Town Houses (Links 2006) 240 pages.
  • Print: Horst Buttner & Gunter Meissner, Town Houses of Europe (St. Martin’s 1983) 348 pages.
  • Print: Jeffrey Cohen, “The Queen Anne and the Late Victorian townhouse in Philadelphia, 1878-1895” dissertation (University of Pennsylvania Department of Art History 1991 Spring).
  • Print: Mary Fishman & Tom Smith, “Town House Standards”, Zoning Practice, Vol. 27 No. 2 (2010) pp 2-10.
  • Print: Alexander Gorlin, Creating the New American Townhouse (Rizzoli 2005) 240 pages.
  • Print: Alexander Gorlin, The New American Town House (Rizzoli 2000) 220 pages.
  • Print: Bernard Herman, Town House: Architecture and Material Life in the Early American City, 1780-1830 (University of North Carolina 2005) 320 pages.
  • Print: Ann Heuer, Architecture & Design Library: Townhouses (Metrobooks 2000) 96 pages.
  • Print: Sibylle Kramer, Townhouses & More (Verlagshaus Braun 2008) 256 pages.
  • Print: Lim Teng Ngiom, “The Melakan Townhouse”, The Encyclopaedia Malaysia (Archipelago 1998) pp. 92-93.
  • Print: Charles Lockwood, Bricks and Brownstones: The New York Town House (Rizzoli 2003) 352 pages.
  • Print: Kevin Murphy, The American Townhouse (Harry Abrams 2005) 240 pages.
  • Print: Anthony Quiney, Town Houses of Medieval Britain (Mellon Centre for British Art 2003) 344 pages.
  • Print: Rachel Stewart, The Town House in Georgian London (Mellon Centre for British Art 2009) 192 pages.
  • Print: Rachel Stewart, The Classic English Town House (New Holland 2007) 160 pages.
  • Print: Hans Stimmann, Town House (Dom 2011) 367 pages.
  • Print: James Trulove, The Modern Townhouse: The Latest in Urban & Suburban Designs (Collins Design 2006) 192 pages.
  • Print: Andreas Vetter, Townhouses (Georg Callwey 2008).

Design > Rowhouse

  • E-Publication: “Field Guide to New Rowhouse Construction“, blog post serties, Hidden City Philadelphia
  • Print: Kenneth Ames, “Robert Mills and the Philadelphia Row House”, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Vol. 27 No. 2 (1968-05) pp. 140-146.
  • Print: Andrew Dolkart, The Row House Reborn: Architecture & Neighborhoods in New York City, 1908-1929 (Johns Hopkins University 2009) 248 pages.
  • Print: Mary Hayward & Charles Belfoure, The Baltimore Rowhouse (Princeton Architectural 1999) 211 pages.
  • Print: Sarah Landau, “The Row Houses of New York’s West Side”, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Vol. 34 No. 1 (1975-03) pp. 19-36.
  • Print: William Murtagh, “The Philadelphia Row House”, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Vol. 16 No. 4 (1957-12) pp. 8-13.
  • Print: Frank So, “Information Report No. 164: Row Houses” (APA 1962).
  • Print: Patricia Tedesco, “Interplay: Studies in Rowhouse Design”, thesis (Virginia Tech School of Architecture 2001 Fall).
  • Print: Wolf von Eckardt, “The Row House is Going to Town – Not to Mention Country”, Washington Post 1966-07-24.
  • Print: ”The Case for the Row House: Greater Densities — but Less Crowding”, House and Home 1955-07, p. 106.
  • Print: “Row Houses for Cities”, Architectural Forum 1957-05, p. 149.
  • Print: “Row Housing”, Ontario Planning 1959-03.

Design > Shophouse

  • Site:  Shophouses (Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority)
  • Site: Shophouse Preservation
  • Site: Penang Shophouses, including definitionpresentation about styles, and tips and more tips about renovation.
  • Gallery: Flickr group Hong Kong Shophouses
  • Print: Kevin Cavanaugh, Rowhouse Sketchbook, Masters thesis (MIT Dept. of Architecture 1976).
  • Print: Howard Davis, “Asian Shophouses in a Global Perspective”, presented at Evolution and Rehabilitation of the Asian Shophouse, Hong Kong 2007-05-11.
  • Print: Julian Davison, Singapore Shophouse (Laurence King 2011) 208 pages.
  • Print: Shelby Dillon, Shophouse (Blurb 2012) 52 pages.
  • Print: Patricia Fels, “Conserving the Shophouse City”, presented at Penang Story, Penang, Malaysia 2002-04.
  • Print: Patricia Fels, “Penang’s Shophouse Culture”, Places, Vol. 9 No. 1 (2004) pp. 46-55.
  • Print: Soehardi Hartono, “The Pre-War Shophouses of Medan: Its Development and Prospect of Conservation”, presented at Evolution and Rehabilitation of the Asian Shophouse, Hong Kong 2007-05-11.
  • Print: Wan Hashimah & Shuhana Shamsuddin, “The Old Shophouse as Part of the Malaysian Urban Heritage: The Current Dilemma”, presented at Asian Planning Schools Association 2005-09.
  • Print: Lee Ho,“The Making of the Singapore Shophouse”, presented at Evolution and Rehabilitation of the Asian Shophouse, Hong Kong 2007-05-11.
  • Print: Lee Ho, “Pre-war Tong Lau: A Hong Kong Shophouse Typology”, Heritage Assessment Report for Conservation Approach to a Shophouse Cluster”, ed. AGC Design (Urban Renewal Authority 2008), later issued separately (Antiquities and Monuments Office and Commissioner for Heritage’s Office 2009-12-10, revised 2010-04-19).
  • Shen-Wei Huang, “Adaptation of the Taiwanese rowhouse with computer application in the design process“, thesis (MIT 1986).
  • Print: Anthony Too, “The Chinese shophouse”, The Encyclopaedia Malaysia (Archipelago Press 1998) pp. 90-91.
  • Print: Yoshihisa Wakita & Hideo Shiraishi, “Spatial Recomposition of Shophouses in Phnom Penh, Cambodia”, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, Vol. 9 No. 1 (2010-05) pp. 207-214.



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